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Intern Resources

Design Center Contact: Design Center Director Anthony Stagliano at The Design Center is particularly well equipped to support undergraduate and graduate interns in publication management, document design, multimedia production and editing, digital video composing, interactive multimedia development, and web-based communication. Additionally, the Design Center provides a space for work in creative writing and literature that integrates…
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ENGL 4/597

ENGL 4/597: Internship in Technical and Professional Writing is a 3-credit hour online course that helps student interns deepen their on-site experience through weekly discussion posts, reading tailored to their specific internship placement, and a final report (either oral or written). The English Department Internship Coordinator oversees the online course and will assist students in identifying an…
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Related Courses

In preparation for their internship, graduate students in any English Department field— rhetoric and professional communication, creative writing, or literature– should choose from the following courses to build a trajectory and gain practice, technique, and theory relevant to a successful internship: ENGL 512: Writing in the Workplace ENGL 520: Workshop: Advanced Composition ENGL 527: Graduate…
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Internship Placement

Interested students must apply for a specific internship position (announced on department or university listservs and via the ENGL 4/597 website) and be selected by the site supervisor. Students may meet with the Internship Coordinator in order to determine site placement and availability. Students should be prepared with a current CV or resume and have…
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Internship Overview

A successful internship is an invaluable way of developing your writing, editing, digital and web design, marketing, grant-writing, and technical skills. By building professional connections with on-site supervisors, companies, and departments, student interns are able to gain experience in the workplace while utilizing their academic abilities. Typically interns work on-site for 8 to 10 hours…
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Clint Lanier

Background and Education: Dr. Clinton R. Lanier earned both his B.A. and M.A. in English from New Mexico State University. Following graduation he went to work for IBM as an Information Developer and then the U.S. Army Research Laboratory as a Technical Editor. He came back to NMSU a third time to earn his Ph.D….
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Students will earn a minimum of 6 credits (ENGL 597) for an internship. Students develop an internship plan in consultation with their advisors. The internship should complement the program of study and career objectives. Note: Students with professional experience equivalent to an internship may petition the Rhetoric and Professional Communication Committee for a waiver of the…
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