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Prospective Site Supervisors

Getting Started If you/your department, unit, organization, or company is interested in an English Department intern, please send a description of the tasks involved, time frame, and any other relevant information to Clint Lanier Internship Coordinator ( He will send the information via listserv and website to all English graduate students. After reviewing the CVs…
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Alumni Dissertation Titles

Ph.D. Students, Dissertation Titles, Advisers, Year Defended  Updated: April 29, 2016  England, Jennifer, “Playing with the Environment: Rhetorical Representations of Nature and Sustainability in Digital Game Spaces,” Patti Wojahn, 2016 Goldstein, Lauren, “Multimodal Invention and Rhetorical Velocity: Students (Re)Define Composing and Themselves as Composers in a Gen-Ed Writing Course,” Patti Wojahn, 2015 McCulloh, Gerri, “Toward an Acoustic Rhetoric: Vital…
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Dissertation Process and Guidelines The dissertation is the culminating requirement for earning a Ph.D. in Rhetoric and Professional Communication. Through the dissertation and the dissertation defense, students demonstrate that they are able to effectively conceptualize, design, and conduct a research project. In addition, students demonstrate that they can effectively communicate, both in speech and writing,…
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Comprehensive Exam

The comprehensive exam process begins when the student has fulfilled all coursework requirements and concludes when the student has successfully defended the oral portion of the exam. The following list describes the major steps of the process. Note: Students should not begin the exam process without meeting with their advisor in advance. This helps students avoid…
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Students will earn a minimum of 6 credits (ENGL 597) for an internship. Students develop an internship plan in consultation with their advisors. The internship should complement the program of study and career objectives. Note: Students with professional experience equivalent to an internship may petition the Rhetoric and Professional Communication Committee for a waiver of the…
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Qualifying Portfolio

During the second semester of coursework, students will submit a portfolio to the Rhetoric and Professional Communication faculty for purposes of review and evaluation. The qualifying portfolio allows students to demonstrate that they have the requisite reading, writing, and critical skills to successfully pursue the Ph.D. Students will discuss and begin to draft the qualifying…
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Ph.D. Coursework

Students in the doctoral program will develop individualized plans of study in consultation with advisors. Students will complete at least 54 hours of graduate coursework, including ENGL 610: Doctoral Proseminar in Rhetoric and Professional Communication: 6 credit hours in research methods 12 credit hours in core courses 15 to 18 credit hours in courses in an area of…
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