ENGL 4/597

ENGL 4/597: Internship in Technical and Professional Writing is a 3-credit hour online course that helps student interns deepen their on-site experience through weekly discussion posts, reading tailored to their specific internship placement, and a final report (either oral or written). The English Department Internship Coordinator oversees the online course and will assist students in identifying an internship placement suited to their skills and career goals.

At the beginning of the term, interns, together with their site supervisors, develop a contract that outlines tasks and expectations, a timeline, and outcomes for the semester. The contract should also specify the skills are expected of the intern and those skills that may be developed on site. In conjunction with the Internship Coordinator/instructor and the site-supervisor, interns choose readings related to internships generally or specific to their placement. Subsequently, interns respond to weekly discussion prompts posted by the instructor and to the posts of other interns. At the end of the semester, interns may choose either to write a report or make an oral presentation on their internship experience. Interns also provide a photograph and summary of their internship placement for use on the department website.

Internship supervisors complete a final evaluation of the intern’s performance. Assessment criteria include punctuality, dependability, self-motivation, cooperation, confidentiality, work ethic, and professionalism. These evaluations are considered in the calculation of the final grade for ENGL 4/597.

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