Hayley Ellisor

8255491326730384713-account_id%3d1 (1)Degree in progress: M.A. in English, Literature

Contact: hellisor@nmsu.edu

Research interests: Victorian Literature, Gothic Literature

Bio: Twice an Aggie, I graduated from Texas A&M in 2014 with a degree in Literature, minors in Psychology and History and a certificate in Linguistics. In my studies, I find myself most interested in the ways history, culture and literature interact. This allows for learning about many subjects, not simply the literary ones, which creates a drive for constant learning. This passion for learning I hope to instill in my students. I hope to inspire them not only to discover more about a variety of subjects, but more about themselves and one another. In the classroom, I aspire to learn with my students that though we may not always agree, we can always respect, communicate with and learn from each other. 

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