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Though limited in the number of students it can serve at one time, the Design Center is particularly well equipped to support undergraduate and graduate courses in publication management, document design, multimedia production and editing, digital video composing, interactive multimedia development, and web-based communication. Through coursework and student-run consultancy projects, it immerses learners in authentic communicative, expressive, and creative activities by providing an environment that combines direct instruction and theoretical inquiry with practice-based approaches.

It also has potential for courses in literacy and rhetoric through incorporating digital media as a means of conducting research (e.g., qualitative, community-based inquiry, work on the usability of texts, etc.); courses in creative writing and literature that integrate digital text production and analysis; and courses relating directly to the production of digital media for communicative purposes.

Our Coordinators can assist students and faculty in creating, designing, and implementing any number of technology- and media-based projects.


We also offer Design Center Orientations for undergraduate and graduate classes. Orientations last about 10 minutes and cover the basics of the space and what we have to offer. If you’re interested in an orientation, please fill out this Orientation Form and return it to Anthony Stagliano at


The Design Center offers several workshops each semester for interested students and faculty. We balance pedagogical needs with technological needs during our workshops so that attendees not only have a variety of options but also walk away with a more well-rounded skill set. Our workshops are a mix of instruction, discussion, and you guessed it: workshopping— or practicing with the ideas and technologies we shareWe encourage students and faculty of all levels of expertise to come learn from and with us. All workshops are held in the Design Center (Milton Hall Basement 104M).

Spring 2017 

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For information about past workshops, click here.

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