Intern Resources

Design Center

Contact: Design Center Director Anthony Stagliano at

The Design Center is particularly well equipped to support undergraduate and graduate interns in publication management, document design, multimedia production and editing, digital video composing, interactive multimedia development, and web-based communication. Additionally, the Design Center provides a space for work in creative writing and literature that integrates digital text production and analysis. The Design Center may be used by English Department students for work and courses tied to their internships.

For more information about the Design Center, visit

NMSU Office of Career Services, Cooperative Education Program

Contact: Cooperative Education Program Coordinator Keven Andrews at

The Cooperative Education Program offers experience-based learning for college students through paid employment in practical, curriculum-related work assignments. These assignments may be a full-time or part-time experience. At NMSU, a Co-op is a formally recognized educational program designated on a student’s academic transcript. Interns associated with the Cooperative Education Program may also register for ENGL 4/597 for academic credit.

For more information about the Cooperative Education Program, visit

SLOT-C Database

The SLOT-C Database (Service-Learning Opportunities in Technical Communication Database) connects nonprofits with potential projects to faculty and students who need projects to work on. It is a free outreach resource. Visit the SLOT-C Database at

SLOT-C now also has a Facebook page. The Facebook page will spotlight programs, available projects, nonprofits willing to work with students (including from a distance), classes that have service-learning projects, and faculty and students working with those projects. Visit the SLOT-C Facebook page at

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