Jenna Bialostosky, Design Center Coordinator

photo_jenna bialostoskyDegree in progress: M.A. in English, Literature

Research interests: queerness, queer theory, feminist theory, feminisms, pop culture, identity, performativity, women writers, literary critical analysis

Teaching goals/philosophy: I strive to conjure and cultivate a classroom environment keen on fostering intensive critical thought. Through utilizing various mediums and genres of artifact, I push students to open their eyes wider so they can digest more and identify meaning that had always been there (and to make sure they know they had always been capable of this skill). I primarily teach core concepts with a comprehensive enactment of “everyday” examples, pop culture, current and past historical/cultural/social/political events, and for students to constantly and consistently share their perceptions in ways that are productive. I hope the students leave the classroom with enthusiasm and an extended consciousness.


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