M.A. Creative Writing Coursework

Students studying toward a M.A. in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing must complete 36 credit hours of coursework, including the following:

  • 12 credit hours of ENGL 513, 514, 515, and 546 in at least two genres
  • 6 credit hours of graduate form and technique courses in any genre (additional credits in form and technique may be applied to elective requirements)
  • 9 credit hours of graduate literature courses (500-level and above) in the English Department (NB: form and technique courses may not be counted toward the literature requirement)
  • 6 credit hours of graduate elective courses 
  • 3 credit hours of ENGL 520, 574, 575, 576, or 591 to be taken in the final semester of the program. The genre of the workshop is determined by the student’s interest and the assessment of the student’s academic adviser.

Note: Creative Writing MA students may not take thesis hours.

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