Din Magazine

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About the magazine:

DIN Magazine is an artistic vector: a multimodal literary magazine of the digital age that allows the intersection of traditional literature with innovative composition. We seek creative artists of all types and backgrounds to contribute to our vision of modern aesthetic magnitude.

Undergraduate and graduate students work together to bring readers each edition. We hope to build a community of new artists whose work is undiscovered to help them start their journeys as writers, artists, photographers, and musicians.


Mission Statement 2017:

At some point on the way to a new consciousness, we will have to leave the opposite bank, the split between the two mortal combatants somehow healed so that we are on both shores at once and, at once, see through serpent and eagle eyes.
Gloria Anzaldúa, Borderlands/La Frontera
Din is a Southern New Mexico journal edited by a diverse band of word thieves who publish new work that bends genres, be it fiction, comics, poetry, nonfiction, multimedia art, writing that challenges, delights, and frustrates its audience, by established writers, emerging writers, and total unknowns.
Authors we dig: Neil Gaiman, Cherrie Moraga, Angela Carter, Art Spiegelman, Marjane Satrapi, Cathy Park Hong, Randall Munroe, Dolores Dorantes, Juan Felipe Herrera

Submissions guidelines 2017:

Fiction (up to 3000 words)

Nonfiction (up to 3000 words)

Poetry (2-5 poems)

Comics (PDF; JPEG, up to 30 panels)

Multimedia Art (up to 10 works; JPEGs)

We accept work in English and Spanish
submit at: din dot nmsu at gmail dot com

Enrollment information:

DIN Magazine is developed by undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in ENGL 430/501: Online Publishing. This course will provide a theoretical background for online publishing and design as well as hands-on experience publishing DIN. Team taught by creative writing and rhetoric colleagues, this course offer unique, timely, and practical digital new media skills to grads and undergrads in creative writing, rhetoric, literature, and technical writing.

For past issues of DIN, visit the magazine’s website at http://dinmagazine.nmsu.edu/.