English Graduate Student Organization

The English Graduate Student Organization (EGSO) supports the English graduate student body at NMSU. We hope to encourage a sense of community among graduate students in the department while facilitating academic service and professional development through:
  • facilitating the exchange of ideas among English graduate students and provide a forum for discussion of issues relevant to the academic and professional welfare of these students
  • acting as a liaison between the Department administration and graduate students and better facilitate communication between these groups and between graduate students and faculty
  • representing the interests of graduate students within the Department of English and the larger campus community
  • providing a communication link to other universities
  • encouraging excellence among graduate students through forums, colloquiums, professional and social events, and so forth
  • providing avenues for supplemental travel funds to English graduate students at New Mexico State University
  • developing and promoting a collegial and professional sense of community among graduate students, faculty, and the Las Cruces/Borderlands community
2017-2018 Officers:
Patrick Stockwell, President
Rachel Oestreich, Vice-President
Nikkin Rader, Treasurer
Tiffany Keeler, Secretary
Patrick DeSimeo, Community Events Coordinator
For information about joining EGSO, paying dues, travel reimbursement, and more, contact EGSO President, Patrick Stockwell, at stockwel@nmsu.edu.
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