Graduate Assistants

Graduate Assistants (GAs) are recommended by the English Department faculty and awarded positions by the Graduate School. They teach general education English courses, such as ENGL 111, 203, 211, and 218; however, some GAs occasionally teach upper-level undergraduate courses. GAs also can serve in various departmental capacities, including Design Center Coordinators, La Sociedad/WITS Coordinators, Puerto del Sol Editors, Writing Center Coordinators, and Writing Program Coordinators. 

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Ph.D.                                      M.F.A.                               M.A.
Dadzie, Ahmed

Dover, Kevin

Reyes Juarez, Raphael Ivan

Lisenbee, Lisa

Beckson, Mavis

Tierney, Robyn

Tellez-Trujillo, Karen

Vasconcelos, Volnei

Zouaoui, Akram







Alexander, Emily

Anderson, Joseph

Bond, Marissa

Campbell, Lucas

Chavatel, Caroline

Carlson, Abigail

Jacocks, Shiane

Holden, Haley

Loperfido, Timothy

Manley, Joseph

McEldowney, Jill

Palacio Ornelas, Mirna

Rader, Ashley

Ross, Katelyn

Rother, Susan

Ruiz del Sol, Alejandro

Sahni, Brooke

Stockwell, Patrick

Sother, Tonya

Tkach, Kathryn

Westmor, Tara

Wilkerson, Nathan


Bond, Marissa

Brug, Elizabeth

DeSimio, Patrick

Kennedy, Tessa

Koppner, Bernice

Mohammed, Rabiatu

Wells, Brieanna