Prospective Site Supervisors

Getting Started

If you/your department, unit, organization, or company is interested in an English Department intern, please send a description of the tasks involved, time frame, and any other relevant information to Clint Lanier Internship Coordinator ( He will send the information via listserv and website to all English graduate students. After reviewing the CVs or resumes of interested students, the coordinator will forward their contact information to you, and you then may decide to interview the prospective interns. You, as the site supervisor, decide whether to work with a particular intern.

Internships are generally completed over the course of one semester or during the summer.  This timeline, however, is flexible and may be extended as needed.

 Responsibilities of Site Supervisors

The responsibilities of the site supervisor include: 

  • Meeting with the prospective intern to clarify your organization’s expectations and those of the intern, and to identify specific intern responsibilities and skills necessary for the intern’s tasks. During a follow-up meeting (in person or via email), interns and the site supervisor develop a contract that outlines expectations, tasks and related skills, a timeline, and outcomes for the semester.
  • Providing ongoing supervision, communication, feedback, and mentorship during the internship.
  • Completing a final evaluation form regarding intern’s work and contributions to be submitted to the Internship Coordinator and discussed with the intern in person or via email.


In general, internships are unpaid positions for which interns may receive academic credit. Opportunities for paid internships, however, are always welcome.

Online Course Component

Students enrolled in ENGL 597 also are required to complete a 3-credit hour online course aimed at deepening the on-site experience through weekly discussion posts, readings tailored to their specific internship placement, and a final report (either oral or written). Site supervisors are welcomed and encouraged to read their interns final reports or to attend the oral presentation at the end of the semester.

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