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Alumni Dissertation Titles

Ph.D. Students, Dissertation Titles, Advisers, Year Defended  Updated: April 29, 2016  England, Jennifer, “Playing with the Environment: Rhetorical Representations of Nature and Sustainability in Digital Game Spaces,” Patti Wojahn, 2016 Goldstein, Lauren, “Multimodal Invention and Rhetorical Velocity: Students (Re)Define Composing and Themselves as Composers in a Gen-Ed Writing Course,” Patti Wojahn, 2015 McCulloh, Gerri, “Toward an Acoustic Rhetoric: Vital…
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Dissertation Process and Guidelines The dissertation is the culminating requirement for earning a Ph.D. in Rhetoric and Professional Communication. Through the dissertation and the dissertation defense, students demonstrate that they are able to effectively conceptualize, design, and conduct a research project. In addition, students demonstrate that they can effectively communicate, both in speech and writing,…
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