Tessa Kennedy

Degree in progress: M.A. in English, Literature

Contact: tesskenn@nmsu.edu

More about Tessa: 

I am an individual who believes in the power of story.  I have come to understand the world around me as a supporting character in a larger story; and because of my deeply rooted faith, my role is written by The Author (God).  That being said, as I have increased my learning, I have found myself in dialogue with others who respect my faith, but have also challenged me to grow with an open mind where convictions and morals are concerned.  My faith, and my desire to empower community, are the driving forces behind my passion of writing.  The authors I consider most influential in my life are those who draw attention to injustice, and create solutions to build and exhort community into a stronger identity of commitment, love, and growth.  I am continuing my journey as a graduate student, but I hope to be a life-long student as I pursue a greater depth of worldview through literature and personal writing.

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