B.A. Creative Writing

Bachelor of Arts in English: Emphasis in Creative Writing

In addition to meeting the English basic skills requirement, undergraduate students majoring in Creative Writing must complete 42 credits in English beyond ENGL 111G: Rhetoric and Composition and satisfy the following seven requirements.

1.) Nine credits from the following 3-credit hour courses:

  • ENGL 243: The Bible as Literature*
  • ENGL251: Survey of American Literature I
  • ENGL252: Survey of American Literature II
  • ENGL 261: Masterpieces of Western European Literature, Beginnings to the Renaissance*
  • ENGL 262: Masterpieces of Western European Literature, Post-Renaissance to Modern
  • ENGL 263: History of Argument
  • ENGL 271: English Literature I*
  • ENGL 272: English Literature II*

*Students may make one or two of the following substitutions: HON 229G for ENGL 243; HON 220G, 234G, or 239G for ENGL 261; HON 220G, 231G, 234G, or 239G for ENGL 271;  HON 231G for ENGL 272.

2.) Three credits of ENGL 310: Critical Writing

3.) Three credits from one of the following 3-credit hours courses:

  • ENGL 301: Theory and Criticism: Rhetoric and Culture
  • ENGL 302: Theory and Criticism: Literature and Culture
  • ENGL 303: Theory and Criticism: Film, Media, and Culture

Note: These 18 credits (including ENGL 111) should be completed before the student enrolls in 400-level courses.

4.) Six credits in Creative Writing workshops (minimum of two different courses):

  • ENGL 304: Creative Writing: Prose
  • ENGL 306: Creative Writing: Poetry
  • ENGL 307: Creative Writing: Creative Nonfiction
  • ENGL 308: Creative Writing: Playwriting
  • ENGL 309: Screenwriting I

5.) Six to nine credits in advanced Creative Writing Workshops:

  • ENGL 413: Advanced Creative Writing, Prose
  • ENGL 414: Advanced Creative Writing, Poetry
  • ENGL 415: Advanced Creative Writing, Playwriting
  • ENGL 480: Screenwriting II

6.) Six credits of the following courses:

  • ENGL 354: Form and Technique in Fiction
  • ENGL 356: Form and Technique in Poetry:
  • ENGL 358: Form and Technique in Playwriting

7.) Nine additional credits from English courses numbered 300-499