General Education

200- and 300- Level Writing Course

Successful completion of ENGL 111 (C- or above) or equivalent is a prerequisite for every English course numbered 200 or above.

ENGL 203G Business and Professional Communication – 3 credit hours

Emphasizes effective writing for courses and careers in business, law, government, and other professions. Strategies for researching and writing correspondence and reports, with an emphasis on understanding and responding to a variety of communication tasks with a strong purpose, clear organization, and vigorous professional style.

ENGL 211G Writing in the Humanities and Social Sciences – 3 credit hours

Introduces students to reading, writing, and research practices and processes used in the humanities and social sciences. Students practice strategies for researching, evaluating, constructing, and composing within the humanities and social sciences. Most ENGL211 classes focus on a theme to study and practice research and writing in specific disciplines.

ENGL 218G Technical and Scientific Communication – 3 credit hours

Students become familiar with writing situations in the sciences, engineering, and agriculture as they develop strategies for understanding and presenting technical information for various purposes and audiences. ENGL 218G students develop a professional writing style, hone research skills, understand what constitutes effective document design, and recognize the importance of ethical considerations in technical and scientific communication.

ENGL 311G Advanced Composition – 3 credit hours

Reviews principles of expository and descriptive writing, including writing of nonfiction prose. Emphasizes argument/persuasion essays with detailed discussion of semantic and rhetorical strategies. Prerequisite: junior or senior standing, or consent of instructor.

ENGL 318G Advanced Technical and Professional Communication – 3 credit hours

Theory and practice of writing in technical and professional fields, individualized to each student’s field. Emphasizes efficient writing processes and effective written products. Prerequisite: junior or above standing, or consent of instructor.